Twenty Sided Tune In Today Press Release

Press Release | October

Every month, Tune in Today’s Monthly Press Release will list new arrivals, back in stock items, preorders, and some of our most anticipated events!


Twenty Sided Tune In Today Press Release

As October approaches, we are reminded of shedding what is no longer needed in order to make space for new growth. 

With that in mind, we are now OPEN ON MONDAYS! Come check out our expanded retail space seven days a week. 

Look out for a sneak peek into our D&D Murder Mystery Halloween Party on OCT 31 2019 and immerse yourself in Twenty Sided Adventures!


Hot off the Press

Hometown Heroes Local Games

Get more information on the Magic the Gathering Throne of Eldraine release schedule.

Check out our Hometown Heroes : Favorite Local Games blog, covering some of our favorite local games and interviews with the amazing minds behind them! 

Keep an eye out at the Tune In Today for October’s blogs, covering Spooooky Staff Picks. 


This Month in Games

New Arrivals

Bears vs Babies

Every week we expand our carefully curated selection of games. Check out the newest arrivals and find a new favorite!

Bears vs. Babies | This card game from the creator of Exploding Kittens pits wonderful, well-meaning monsters against devious, conniving babies! Build your monster and avoid babies at all costs!

D&D Three Dragon Ante | A fast-paced card game that can be played alone or incorporated into your games of D&D!

D&D Essentials Kit |  A new introductory kit for Dungeons & Dragons! This also includes a new adventure and rules for one-on-one gameplay!

Descent Into Avernus Original & Limited Edition Alternate Art Cover | Explore the corrupt city of Baldur’s Gate but be careful - it’s easy enough to fall into the Nine Hells, but it’s another thing entirely to climb out. Descent Into Avernus features adventure hooks, new settings, and mechanics for vehicle combat (think Mad Max). 

Pathfinder Second Edition | Check out the newest, more streamlined edition of the popular Pathfinder RPG!

Blank Slate | Try to complete the phrase using the same word as everyone else in this party game of words!

Die Hard | Play as John McClane or try to stop him as he tries to plot his path and take down Hans Gruber. 

You’ve Got Crabs | Get four of a kind and secretly communicate to your partner! Get caught and lose your points in this simple team party game!

Planet | Build a planet and populate it with animals to earn points in this strategy game! 

Commander 2019 |  A more casual version of Magic, Commander adds new elements and exciting gameplay as you build a deck around a legendary creature!


Back in Stock


Did you miss them? We work to ensure your favorite games are never out of stock for too long! Below are games you might have missed but we have restocked so you can enjoy them.

Spaceteam | Keep your spaceship from breaking down in this chaotic, cooperative card game! 

Just One | Spiel des Jahres 2019 Winner, Just One is one of our favorite word party games! Work together to guess the word with just one clue.

Vanuatu | This updated version of Vanuatu prompts players to roam the archipelago of Vanuatu in search of prosperity! Sell fish, guide tourists, and recover treasures in this strategy, resource-based game.

Dead Friend A Game of Necromancy | This roleplaying game reunites dear friends separated by death. The game uses a necromancy ritual and tarot cards to tell a story of life, death, and friendship - what kind of story is up to you! 

Sneaky Cards 1 | Commit random acts of sneaky kindness with Sneaky Cards! These handy decks will give you wacky prompts to spread good cheer. Once you’ve completed the first deck, check out the second!



Eberron Rising from the Last War

Good things come to those who wait… and plan ahead with a preorder!

Lift Off | Build a space agency and travel the universe in this strategy game for 2 to 4 players!

Time Chase | Go back in time to ensure your place in history, in this trick-taking time travel game! 

Throne of Eldraine | Find inspiration in this medieval, fairytale-themed set for Magic the Gathering! Preorder your booster boxes, bundles, brawl decks, and more! We will be adding preorders as they become available. 

D&D Eberron : Rising from the Last War | Explore the industrial city of Eberron with the newest setting released for Dungeons and Dragons! Pick up a copy of the alternate art cover while supplies last.


Join in the Fun


Twenty Sided Runner Quest Table

Introducing… Twenty Sided Journeys!

Embark on a Journey and explore the World of Mira! Immerse yourself in a private storytelling experience and support the creation of original creative content by Lauren Bilanko and the Twenty Sided Team.


Runner Quest Adventures

Twenty Sided Runner Quest Character Cards

These Journeys are open to the public and are great ways to meet people and explore Williamsburg and surrounding neighborhoods. 

Each beautifully illustrated Runner Quest map starts adventurers off at one end of a map and continues to the other end as they overcome challenges. Every adventure is custom written, every story is unique, and every outcome will depend on your actions. Gather your friends and go on an adventure!

Pumpkin Dungeon @ Nitehawk

WED 10/9  @ 7p - 9p

Nautili Isles @ Jupiter Disco

SUN 10/6 @ 1p - 4p


Twenty Sided Private Journeys

D&D players talk over a candlelit map

A Private Table for 6

Gather your party and immerse yourself in a storytelling experience full of endless possibilities and amazing surprises. Enjoy fine food and drink as you embark on a storytelling adventure! Beginners Welcome! Each adventure is custom written with the location in mind. 

D&D at Taco Chulo

Every year New Aurelia celebrates the Festival of the Lost Gods. 

FRI 10/11 @ 5p-8p

D&D at Gertie

Guests have been invited to witness The Medium translate words of wisdom from an otherworldly entity.

SUN 10/13 @ 5p-8p

Check out our Privates & Bookings pages to explore everything we offer!


Classes & Seminars

Hand holding a painted Turtlefolk miniature

We offer a host of classes and seminars that will cultivate your confidence and expand your skills as a storyteller! Our classes are beginner friendly and a great way to meet people. 

Class | Mini Painting

TUEs @ 7p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko and Johnni Medina

Learn the three basic techniques of painting, explore advanced techniques, make friends, and paint your miniatures! This relaxing, sociable class will help you finish painting your gaming pieces while meeting cool new people. 

*NEW* Seminar | Adventure Writing

SAT 10/5 @ 6p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko

Create unique adventures for your roleplaying games! This class will introduce you to storytelling for collaborative roleplaying games, crafting well organized adventure modules, and even more! 

Seminar | Learn to DM

Sat 10/12 @ 6p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko

Step behind the screen and demystify the techniques of running a roleplaying game. Currently cultivated to help DM’s run games in fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons, this seminar will  cover everything from building confidence, party management, adventure structure, and more! 

Class | Story Improv

SAT 10/19 @ 6p

Guided by Johnni Medina

Get on your feet and get goofy! A great deep dive into roleplaying, Story Improv is a collection of games and activities aimed at growing confidence, listening to your instincts, building memorable characters, and sharing a scene. No improv ability or roleplaying experience is needed in this small, but lively, class.

Class | Learn to Play D&D 5e

SAT 10/26 @ 6p

Guided by Lauren Bilanko

Learn the basics of the newest edition of Dungeons and Dragons and make a character! This introduction to D&D will cover everything from building characters, casting spells, engaging in combat, and all of the roleplay in between! You will leave this class with a fully playable first level D&D character and all of the tools to jump into a game! 


D&D 5e Baldur’s Gate


War Machine miniatures from Descent Into Avernus

You awaken slowly. Your head is foggy, and the stench of brimstone fills your nostrils. A crimson sky above you, and a scorched wasteland as far as the eye can see.

You're in Hell.

Jump into the newest edition to the world of Dungeons & Dragons with our Baldur’s Gate adventures! The adventure, Hellracers, is a unique experience using the new mechanics from Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus. Each team of adventurers will compete to build an Infernal War Machine and win the race to get out of Hell. 

4 Week Campaign

THURs 10/3 - 10/24 @ 7p

Guided by Team DM  

Take part in an ongoing story during our Thursday night campaigns! Sign up to play in four sessions where you’ll experience an overarching story, level up your character, and make friends in and out of character!

D&D One Shots

SATs 10/5 - 10/26 @ 1p

Guided by Team DM

Compete to make the best vehicle and race your way out hell! These Saturday one shots will consist of competing tables (with prizes for the fastest team!) and are a great way to meet people and try out everything this new Dungeons and Dragons setting has to offer. 


Magic the Gathering Events

Magic the Gathering players at a Twenty Sided event

Play the most popular collectible card game in the world! Learn to play, make new friends, and compete in tournaments!

Casual Sealed

WEDs @ 7p

Guided by Madeline Courtney

The best event for new and returning Magic players, Casual Sealed is a more relaxed format aimed at meeting people, opening packs, and having a fun, relaxing night. Buy 6 packs and build, or learn to build, a deck and then play in a casual round against other players.

Draft | Core Set 2020

Throne of Eldraine Launch Weekend

SUN 10/6 1p - 4:30p, 5p - 8:30p

FNM FRIs @ 7p

SUNs @ 5p

Guided by Luis Chato

Challenge yourself and build a deck on the fly! You and the other players will pull or “draft” cards from booster packs, build a deck, and then compete in 3 50-minute rounds! Collect new cards, win prizes, and enjoy a night of Magic!


SUNs @ 1p

Guided by Luis Chato

Bring a constructed deck from the most recent sets of Magic (check the event description for current Standard sets!) and compete against other players in 3 50-minute rounds! Test your deck, win prizes, and meet new people!

Casual Commander

SUNs @ 1p

Guided by Luis Chato

Send your Commander into battle! Commander is a multi-player format consisting of a 100-card deck led by a Commander, a legendary creature, that dictates the color of your deck. In our Casual Commander event, we will randomly seat Commander games. After the first game concludes, hang out for casual play!


Until Next Month

Check in next month for new games, new blogs, new events, and new memories!

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