2020 Winter Hibernation Staff Picks

How to Game-ify Your 2020 Winter Hibernation

Winter has arrived, the holidays are looming, and we have almost reached the end of the most challenging year many of us have ever faced.

Animal Medicine Cards by Sunny A. Atema Wildlife Freeway

As I tried to find meaning in 2020, I found wisdom and guidance in our Animal Medicine Cards. The Bear has reminded us that Hibernation gives us the chance to safely retreat during the harshest months of the year and return stronger and healthier than ever before. The darkness of winter is where the joy of our future grows, but we must hunker down and turn inward. 

So at Twenty Sided we decided to Gamify your Winter Hibernation to help you stay safe, sane, and entertained!

Take Time for Reflection

I Can't Believe I Did That

At the end of a successful hibernation, you should feel strong, happy, healthy, and equipped for whatever the spring brings you, so it is important to check in with yourself at the start so you know how you would like to grow. Start by facing those moments that make you say “I Can’t Believe I Did That” and revel in your humanity - embarrassing middle school fashion, weird celebrity crushes, and all! Empower yourself to feel as though you can Say Anything to the people you love. 

Deck the Halls of Your Bear Cave


Many of us have spent a lot of time indoors this year. If you are beginning to get tired of the same four walls, indulge yourself in creating beauty around you! The Portuguese King Manuel I adopted the use of Moorish decorative tiles called Azuls to add beauty to his surroundings. You might not be able to put tiles up in your home, but you can certainly get in on some of the fun and bask in the Splendor of these tiles.


Eat Good Food 

Pizza Puzzle Pepperoni

Arguably the best part of any hibernation is the opportunity to stock up on good food! Support your local pizza restaurants, inject some imagination in your home-cooking, and round out your mornings with a hearty stack of pancakes

Keep Your Muscles Moving

Goat Yoga

With all of the delicious food, it is important to make sure you keep your body moving, even in your own home. Yoga is an excellent practice that only requires a soft surface, time, and focus. Follow in the footsteps of countless others to become in tune not only with your body, but with your mind and spirit. (And for good measure, add an inflatable goat!) 

Exercise Your Mind

Hip Hop Bid to Win Trivia

With all of this time and nowhere to go, it is easy to fall into hours of internet rabbitholes and bingewatching the same TV show you’ve already seen a million times. Intentional mental practices are essential so that you emerge from hibernation at the top of your game! Spend some time learning trivia about your favorite subjects, whether that is music, film, or nature

Guard Your Sanity, Trust No One

The Shining Coded Chronicles

Look, families can be tough. Just ask the Torrance family from Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining based on the acclaimed Stephen King novel. When you have been isolated with the same people for too long, things can get… choppy. Instead, channel your paranoia into cooperative activities, like escaping the Overlook Hotel!

Cuddle Up with Holiday Movies

Die Hard : The Nakatomi Heist Board Game

After the Shining, you might need something a little lighter to relieve the tension. Pick up your favorite holiday movie, such as the best Christmas movie Die Hard. Seen ‘em all? Make your own with your friends and family!

Reach Across the Ether (or over a Zoom call)

Dead Friend : A Game of Necromancy

Has it been awhile since you have seen a loved one? It is never too late to reach out. Bring your social life back from the dead and call your friends and family. Start those special conversations you will remember and cherish forever.


But Most Importantly...

If there is Just One thing to remember this year, it's that we are all in this together.

Wear a mask, be safe, and be kind to everyone - including yourself. And if you need a friendly face, pay us a visit or reach out. We are always here to put a smile on your face.

Happy holidays, and happy hibernation!


Featured Games 

  • Animal Medicine Cards - an oracle deck inspired by animal wisdom. Local designer Sunny Atema!
  • *I Can’t Believe I Did That - a social game where you and friends share silly, awkward, and embarrassing stories
  • *Say Anything - write answers to silly prompts and try to guess who agrees
  • Azul - a  2 - 4 player game where you buy and place gorgeous tiles to score points
  • Splendor - 2 - 4 player game of buying and selling precious gems
  • Pizza Puzzles - a cute round 550 piece puzzle
  • Heroes' Feast the Official Dungeons and Dragons Cookbook - chock full of delicious and imaginative recipes
  • Flapjack Flipout - a dexterity memory game for 2 - 6 players where you race to fulfill order
  • Goat Yoga - a silly game for 2 or more where you must perform silly tasks with an inflatable goat while completing yoga moves
  • *Hip Hop Bid to Win - a comprehensive trivia game about hip hop where you bid for first place
  • *Cinephile - 5 different trivia games all focusing on film and cinema history
  • *Trivial Pursuit National Parks - on the go trivia about our national parks, a great stocking stuffer
  • The Shining Escape from Overlook Hotel - a cooperative puzzle game similar to an escape room
  • Die Hard - one person plays as John McClane trying to outmaneuver thieves as you play through the movie Die Hard
  • *Schmovie - come up with silly movie titles (and pitch them if you're brave!) and pick the best one
  • *Dead Friend a Game of Necromancy - a 2 player RPG using tarot cards in which a friend is brought back from the dead! Local game designer Lucian Khan
  • *Just One - cooperative word game in which only the unique clues are used to guess the word

 *Great games for virtual play over video calls

Written by Johnni Medina

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