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Small Games with Big Fun

Summer means travel!

Whether you’re coming or going, we are your one-stop shop, board game pit stop! Load up on dice, grab that game that is perpetually out of stock back home, and get local games you can only get for us!

And if you’re worried about space or pesky luggage weight limits, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve featured four compact, easy-to-learn games, from largest to smallest, that are perfect for gaming on the go!

You've Got Crabs

You’ve Got Crabs

The largest of all of the games on this list (and still very compact) You’ve Got Crabs has one of the silliest names and some of the simplest rules. The goal is to get four of a kind and give your partner a secret signal so that they can announce “you’ve got crabs!” However, if someone else sees the signal, they can say it and steal your point! 

You’ve Got Crabs is a simple card collecting game with a twist, pairing you up and adding secret communication to spice gameplay up! Brand new to us, we’re excited to dig in and take this to summer barbecues. 



It’s the push your luck pirate game! Take turns turning over cards, collecting coins, ships, and pirates - but don’t get too greedy! You can lose it all if pirates attack. This French game has been adapted to English and provides a quick, light challenge!

Toma Tomato

Toma Tomato

Toma Tomato is a party game of tongue twisters! There are four kinds of cards: Tomato, Mato, Ma, and To. Turn over and reveal cards and then get the words out! Sure Tomato-mato might not be too hard but can you say Tomato-to-to-mato-ma-mato-tomato?! 

Toma Tomato is a geat way to warm up a party and get people (struggling) to talk!

Peek & Push

Peek Push

The smallest on our list, Peek Push is a simple memory game! You will try to line cards up by number or design… but you cannot see tiles. Each turn, you may either Peek at cards or Push a row to shift the configuration. Once you line cards up, you win!

Peek Push is simple, small, and scaled for different difficulties. Once your master gameplay, the instructions will guide you through adding more tiles for extra challenges!

Written by Johnni Medina

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