Spotlight | New Game Review

Spotlight | New Game Review

There’s never been a better time for board games, and every week there are new and different games hitting our shelves. This week, we highlight some new additions to our trove of games that we think you may love!


Developed from language analysis algorithms, Rewordable is a new, colorful word game, simple enough to teach to kids, challenging enough to stump even the most eloquent logomaniac. Earn points for creating words, and earn more when you can use someone else’s word to create a bigger word.

Letter Tycoon

Letter Tycoon is another word game, but it might feel more like playing a game of poker. Build words from your hand using the shared community cards, and earn enough points to patent letters. Own a patent on the letter A? Good luck to your opponents playing “apple”, “anagram” and “banana”. Using your letter is going to cost them big and make you rich!

Arkham Horror Expansion | The Circle Undone

Fans of The Arkham Horror LCG who have wanted to explore the murky depths of Arkham’s shady past… rejoice! The Circle Undone not only expands your game with new scenarios, cards, and investigators, but it provides a completely playable prologue!

One Week Ultimate Werewolf

One Week Ultimate Werewolf takes One Night Ultimate Werewolf and raises the stakes, providing new roles and identities as well as special rooms! These rooms give you special abilities that you will experience over your “weeklong” investigation. In the end, though, one question remains: who is the werewolf?

Machi Koro 5th Anniversary Edition  

Machi Koro - the fast-paced and light-hearted engine-building game where you become mayor! Whether you’ve been mayor these five years or are just taking up the title, this 5th anniversary edition keeps the good times rolling with new and improved coins, cards, and jumbo dice.  

Harry Potter Puzzles | The Book Cover Line

These gorgeous puzzles use the artwork from the original run of book covers illustrated by Mary GrandPré from the timeless Harry Potter series. Collect all seven to match the books on your shelf, or choose your favorite, finish, and frame it.

Post by Johnni Medina

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