Twenty Sided Store's Top 20 Best Selling Games of 2021

Spotlight December 2021 | Top 20 Games of the Year

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Twenty Sided Store's Top 20 Best Selling Games of 2021 + Community Favorites!

Top 20 Best Selling Games of 2021

  1. Codenames
  2. Ramen Fury
  3. Cat Lady
  4. Catan
  5. The Mind
  6. Sushi Go
  7. Azul
  8. Wingspan
  9. 7 Wonders & 7 Wonders Duel
  10. Just One
  11. Ticket to Ride
  12. The Quiet Year
  13. Everdell
  14. Wavelength
  15. Splendor
  16. Dominion
  17. Arkham Horror LCG
  18. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
  19. The Initiative
  20. Mansions of Madness

Community FAVs

In November we asked the Twenty Sided Community to tell us what games they played this year were their favorites new or old! Check out some of the Community FAVs below and hop on the Discord Chat to share your favorites!

Dungeons & Dragons

"We started playing Dungeons & Dragons remotely with some friends a few months into COVID and have been going weekly ever since. It's been such a nice escape, a way to catch up with our friends and dive into an imaginative world!" – Holly, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


"The Fiasco boxed set is super easy to open up and play! I've played this with folks who have never played an RPG and it was super simple and fun." – Johnni Medina, Brooklyn


"Everdell – It's so cute and filled with adorable woodland creatures! It's entertaining just to look through all the beautiful art." – Tasnim, Long Island City, Queens

Lost Ruins of Arnak

"Lost Ruins of Arnak – From the integration of theme to the tightrope walk of its minimal action selection, this worker placement game completely blew me away. This is one of those games where you have a million different options every turn, and can only take two actions! An absolute smash hit, and a game that (despite being a little on the heavier complexity side) hit our table over and over again this year." – Giaco Furino, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

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