Game Talk Top 5 | 20 Sided Guide for Falling in Love

Top 5 | 20 Sided Guide for Falling in Love

February - the month of love. The stories say that the little cherub Cupid spends the month around Valentine’s Day turning love into sport, making matches and breaking hearts. 

Well, Cupid is not the only one to turn love into a game. 

We at Twenty Sided Store care so much about our customers that we have created a comprehensive, fool proof guide for falling in love. Stick with the steps here and you will find your true love - guaranteed.

Step 1. Embrace the Unknown

Falling in love can be an awkward, vulnerable process. Putting your trust in another person and tying your happiness to them feels like stepping into a Fog of Love. Step out of the haze of fear, small talk, dating app uncertainty and embrace the unknown!

Step 2. Seek the Truth

It is important that we do our best to find the truth in every situation, especially when dating. Let us take the example of the tragic heir to the entire Tofu Kingdom. Blinded by love, Prince Mochi relied on the answers of his advisers to find his princess, but many led him astray. Some say he is still out there, asking rounds of questions trying to deduce the truth. Try to avoid making his mistakes. 

Step 3. Weigh the Pros and Cons

No one person is perfect. Human beings are flawed individuals - it is the mix of good and bad that makes a person who they are. Therefore, keeping track of the Perks versus the Red Flags of a person is important. He may be an amazing kisser, with a private boat, but is he worth it if he uses “air quotes” around “every word” he says? Or if she is a philanthropist who owns your favorite sports team, but is constantly plotting to kill you? Not to say there is an answer to these tough questions, but you should be asking them.

Step 4. Get In Sync 

Communication is key but, most importantly, everyone wins with communication. There may be times where it feels like a competition, but getting on the same Wavelength as your partner is its own victory. (Though it is satisfying on date night when your "perfect" couple friends who always try to give you advice argue over a miscommunication. I'm talking to you, Brian and Carol.) 

Step 5. Be Open and Honest

Lastly, the worst advice you could get when dating is to only say what you think the other person wants to hear. People want sincerity, and you want to be with someone who loves you for you.Therefore, you should date only those who make you feel like you can Say Anything.

Congratulations! You are ready for love this February!

Coincidentally, these concepts also remind me of a few games we sell here at Twenty Sided Store. Pick one up and visit us to get "set up" with recommendations for games perfect for Galentine’s Day, couple’s nights, and everything in between!

Fog of Love - immersive 2 player game that simulates a rom-com

Tofu Kingdom - adorable social deduction guessing game 

Red Flags - hilarious party game like Cards Against Humanity 

Wavelength - party guessing game played in teams

Say Anything - party game great for icebreakers and social settings

Written by chronically single 20 Sided Team Member Johnni Medina

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