Spotlight FEB 2024 | Fog of Love

Spotlight FEB 2024 | Fog of Love

Ahh Ha! in Fog of Love game

To introduce our theme Love Always for February, we brought Fog of Love to our staff game night and had a hilarious time.

“I forgot how good this game is!” - Morgan

Choices in Fog of Love game

Fog of Love is a romantic comedy game about love, relationships, and following your destiny. There are many tropey love stories to choose from like Highschool SweetHearts, and I Give it a Year – we played the intro scenario, Morning Date.

“What says passion more than love at first sight followed by the struggle to make it all work?” Mickey

Character Creation Fog of Love

Traditionally a two-player game, we decided to play each character as a team. Morgan & Luis played as the tall and shy firefighter character in a relationship with the loud and confident valet character played by Mickey & Sarah and Alex taught us the game, guiding us through each round.

“When playing Fog of Love, go with the flow - sometimes your goals will change halfway through the game. That's when it's the most fun!” - Alex

Staff Game Night playing Fog of Love game

After selecting the attributes for our characters, we got to choose some aspects for our partner’s character, which was a pretty fun mechanic in the game – providing interesting character choices and solidifying the collaborative storytelling aspect of the game.

“It makes you think about relating to one another’ - Sarah

Like a Mirror in Fog of Love game

Fog of Love is well designed and makes storytelling creative and fun. The trait cards and chapter prompts offer a variety of fun scenes and opportunities to roleplay as much as you feel comfortable with – you can act out a scene, or simply answer the question on the card. You could probably even stand outside holding a boombox over your head, who’s to stop you? There’s truly no wrong way to play.

“Play this game with your best friends or, if you're brave, your partner.” Alex

Alex holding Fog of Love game

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