Spotlight December 2023 | Community Favorites

Spotlight December 2023 | Community Favorites

It's that time of year – when we all collectively make lists of our favorites things of the last 365 days! So, cue up your Spotify Wrapped and check out what some of the members of the Twenty Sided Community brought to the table this year!

If you want to know our Top 20 Games and Top 20 RPGs of 2023, the lists are up!

Community Favorites

Community Favorites: Betrayal at House on the Hill, Catan Dice Game, Apiary, The Game, Cyberpunk RED, D&D Player's Handbook
Betrayal at House of the Hill, Catan Dice Game, Apiary, The Game, Cyberpunk Red, D&D Player's Handbook


I love worker placement games in general but I really enjoy the variability of Apiary. Different factions, ship mats, planets, seed cards, dances, all the different tiles - there isn't one specific strategy to "solve" the game, which can sometimes be an issue with worker placement games.
– Steve, Ridgewood

Cyberpunk RED

Alright Choom, listen up... You should be playing Cyberpunk RED. It's a great game with a great world behind it. I always have a blast running it, and I guarantee that you might as well. (I don't know you, you might not actually have a blast, but odds are, you will.)
– Finn, Williamsburg

Betrayal at House on the Hill

This game brings the team bonding and the spooks!
– Melissa, East Harlem

Catan Dice Game

My six-year-old and I played this countless times over the summer, with my 10-year-old and husband joyfully joining in occasionally. It’s a compact, portable way to get your Catan fix while traveling. Kills time on the airplane and keeps everyone from saying hangry things they’ll regret later while waiting for the food to come at restaurants. Catan on the go! The graphics on the dice are adorable and the score sheets are evocative of the original art work, slipping you right into Catan world anywhere you play.
– Jonna, BedStuy

Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)

I have seen kids grow as individuals by playing dnd. Their capacity for compassion and respect expanded over the course of their time spent at the table. It truly can change lives!
– Nick, Bushwick

The Game

Introduced to it at the board game social and loved it!
– Thomas

New to our TOP 20 this year

Splendor Duel, Skull and Strawberry Sunset
Splendor Duel, Strawberry Sunset, Skull

Splendor Duel, a new two-player version of the classic, Splendor, made its way onto the list this year. If you've played the original, it has enough familiar mechanics and also quite a few new strategies to feel fresh and exciting. Skull had a cute new box redesign this year and must have made its way to a bunch of tables- it's back on our Top 20! Easy to learn and perfect for a crew who loves bluffing (and a little bit of gambling), I personally am glad to see this one on the list again- it's one of my favorites! Strawberry Sunset is one of the cutest, tiniest card games we carry. It's a really quick strategy game that can fit in your pocket- what's not to love?

I'm sorry did you say street magic, Something is Wrong with the Chickens and Moonlight on Roseville Beach

I'm sorry did you say street magic, Something is Wrong with the Chickens, Moonlight on Roseville Beach

New editions to the Top 20 Roleplaying Games list included two very cool local RPGs. Moonlight on Roseville Beach, by Richard Ruane, is a fantastic queer game of disco and cosmic horror. Solve mysteries and build community during your summer gaycation. We played Something is Wrong with the Chickens, by Elliot Davis, a few times at the store this year and every time it was a blast. Fun, quirky and full of chickens with Eldritch powers, I'm so glad to see this one on our list. I'm sorry did you say street magic, by Caro Asercion, is a brilliant little (literally- it's a tiny book) city-building game. Super-accessible and GM-less, this one flew off the shelves. Also, what a fantastic title!

Check out the full collection of our Top 20 Games and Top 20 RPGs!

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