November Spotlight Games : Gather Your Party

November Spotlight : Gather Your Party

November usually means get-togethers with family and friends and the inevitable kickoff of the holiday season. We've put together some games for you to play in any group setting you may find yourself in, including some for your ultra competitive siblings.

Create A New Story Together

Dust off those English degrees for Once Upon a Time, a competitive storytelling game. Start weaving your tale and play the cards in your hand to shape the story, but any pause in your story (dramatic or otherwise) means someone else can jump in and steer the story towards the cards in their hand. Bonus points for bringing it back around to one of your ending cards.

"I AM THE GREATEST STORYTELLER EVER." -You, to your siblings, probably.

Got a tiny storyteller on your hands? Tell Tale is an adorable storytelling game perfect for the young ones in your life. Flip over cards with pictures on them and tell your tale based on the pictures. It's great for sparking creativity and for telling some silly stories together!

Have A Trivia Night

Cinephile is perfect for the movie buffs in your family. It's got a bunch of games in one box - from recalling an actor's filmography to correctly linking two actors through who they have worked with. Ooh I know that actor! They were in that one movie with that guy. You know, that one guy. With the beard? **Checks IMDB**

Cocktail and wine aficionados rejoice! Another Round and Wine IQ are two trivia games will test your knowledge of all things alcohol-based. Time to test your expertise and prove you know your mimosas from your martinis. Your mojitos from your mint juleps. Your Malbecs from your other wine that starts with M... Merlot! That's what I was looking for. You get the idea- alcohol!

Stet! Dreyer's English  - okay, language lovers: Whats' wrong with this sentence? If you're screaming at the misplaced apostrophe or you've ever thought about competing in the Grammar Olympics (is that a thing?), this card game is going to be right up your alley. With over 100 sentences waiting for you to correct, bring it to your next family gathering and challenge that aunt that never lets you end a sentence with a preposition. 

Get Silly

Rabble and Monikers - these two games are fantastic group games. At their cores, they are guessing games. Both get sillier and sillier as the game goes on. Can you get your team to guess the same people, places and things through three rounds? What about while also standing on one leg or sticking your tongue out? Giggles are guaranteed.

Noobs in Space and Spaceteam are both delightfully chaotic cooperative games. Each has their own take on "we're on a spaceship and things are going terribly wrong!" You and your teammates must solve task after task and work together as well as possible, because each team member only knows a small part of the solution. They're cooperative, easy-to-learn and absolute chaos.

Sheriff of Nottingham - I love a good bluffing game. In this one, you are trying to smuggle some goods into the bustling metropolis of Nottingham. But wouldn't you know it- the sheriff definitely wants to check in your bag. Bluff, bribe and beg your way into getting the most contraband through the checkpoint and win the title of Coolest Person in Nottingham (May not actually be the title of the winner).

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