GM Appreciation

September Spotlight | GM Appreciation

This month, we're celebrating the Storytellers in our lives, the ones who carefully craft adventures around the table – our Game Master friends! We've put together a collection to not only help level up your game, but also show your GM some love!

Deck of StoriesDeck of Stories, Genesis Box, Vol 1 & 2

I absolutely love the story prompts in these decks. Whether you're starting a new campaign or just need to generate some fresh ideas for an ongoing adventure, sometimes you need a little inspiration. These story cards have ideas for Opening, Rising and Climatic action to help you on your way. The Genesis Box also includes some helpful ideas for NPCs and Sensory cards to add some flavor to your storytelling.

GM-less GamesThe Quiet Year, Fiasco, Dialect

Give you GM a break and run a game for them! These games are perfectly collaborative and most require no prep!

Fiasco is probably some of the most fun I've had at a table. The boxed set makes it super easy to just dive right in – draw your character cards, relationships, objects you need and the setting where it all takes place and watch it go wildly off the rails!

Dialect is a really beautiful game about community and language. With the language deck of stunning artwork, you'll tell the story of an isolated community, the language they build and what it means when they lose that language. 

The Quiet Year is a truly fantastic world-building/community building game. What better way to show your GM appreciation than to build a world together?

Dice Trays & RollersDice Rollers & Trays

There's something about dice trays that really raise the stakes at the table for me. It feels elevated and special to roll in the tray. The highs seem higher and the lows seem lower, and it makes everything feel pretty epic. Maybe it's just me, but I love a dice tray. Pick one up for your GM as a little treat (I won't tell if you "curse" it ahead of time..).

Notebooks & JournalsDungeon Notes & Critical Role Journals

As the resident notetaker in my D&D home group, I absolutely adore the notebooks we carry. Dungeon Notes have really great prompts and resources for taking notes on your character or campaign. And the artwork on the Critical Role journals is gorgeous. So fill up those notebooks and make your GM proud (even if it's just "Hot Orc NPC" on every page.). Happy note taking!

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