Summer in the City : Parks and Rec

Spotlight August 2023 | Summer in the City : Parks and Rec

We are in the heat of summer in the city, so we have the perfect games for you to take to the park, beach or any tavern you find in your travels. You won't even need a bigger bag!

Barkeep on the Borderlands, Azul Mini, Kites, Skull

 (Barkeep on the Borderlands, Azul Mini, Kites & Skull)


In this new, fast and fun cooperative game, everyone works together to keep their kites in the air. Your kites are represented by colored sand timers and you'll be flipping cards and the matching sand timers, making sure none of them run out and hit the ground. You can play it anywhere – might I suggest Domino Park? All you need is a somewhat stable surface (or not, if you're in for more of a challenge).

Barkeep on the Borderlands

If you'd rather have an adventure about a pub crawl than actually do a pub crawl, this tavern crawl roleplaying game is for you! (Although, I imagine it would also be REALLY fun to do a site-specific version of this game as well– maybe somewhere along Berry Open Streets?). Barkeep on the Borderlands has 20 different taverns to explore, plus rules for drinking, sobriety and even hangovers. The art is fantastic and with tavern names like Off-Central Park, The Warm Shoulder and of course, The Original Tavern™ you can (and should) spend hours visiting these whimsical bars. Cheers!


One of my favorite bluffing games recently got cute new box art, and it's absolutely perfect for a trip to McCarren Park. In Skull, everyone gets beautifully illustrated coasters– all flowers and one skull. Go around the circle and lay your coasters face down in a pile. Then everyone bets on how many they can flip over around the circle without hitting a skull. The only catch is you must start with your own pile. Can you outbid your friends or will you get caught in a bluff?

Hive Pocket and Azul Mini

Tiny versions of two of my favorite games? Yes, please! Hive Pocket is the perfect travel-sized two player strategy game– think chess, but with bugs. Each bug has its own way it can move, and your goal is to surround your opponent's queen bee. With no board and a cute little travel bag, you can take this Hive with you anywhere, maybe even on the Ferry!

Azul Mini is the tiny version of the classic tile placement game, Azul. Pick your patterned tiles and make a beautiful work of art (while scoring points). The stunning tile patterns will fit right in with the gorgeous can designs at the Williamsburg taproom, Talea.

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