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Spotlight May 2024 | Star Wars Unlimited

May the 4th Be With You! As our eyes turn to the skies for all things Sci-Fi this month, we wanted to test out the new Star Wars Unlimited trading card game! So strap in to your X-wing, grab a glass of Bantha milk and put the Cantina band on repeat, we're about to blast off!

Team Twenty Sided plays Star Wars Unlimited

In this head-to head game, you are battling to take down your opponent’s base. You each have a leader and ground or space units to deploy. You have just one action per play on a shared turn, so figuring out a strategy was definitely interesting (for a bunch of folks used to playing Magic: The Gathering). It forced you to think ahead but also adapt to your opponent in the moment.

"The way turns are shared with your opponent make gameplay electric." -Alex
Luis, Morgan, Alex and Mickey play Star Wars Unlimited

We played using the Starter Decks for Spark of the Rebellion, with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as our leaders. Darth Vader’s base is the Death Star and Luke’s base is the (not nearly as exciting-sounding) Administrator's Tower. Morgan was playing for the Rebels (Luke) and Alex for the Empire (Darth Vader).

“I really like how any card in your hand can be played as a resource and how the actions each turn go back and forth. It sets up so many interesting decisions you can make throughout the game. “ -Lauren

Luke Skywalker hand of Star Wars Unlimited

While Vader/Alex and his troopers presented a strong early force, Luke/Morgan was able to withstand the assault by constantly applying shields to their units. This bought them just enough time to survive until the late game and secure the victory!

“This game is for anyone who likes card games, and games with lots of interactivity between players.” -Luis
Alex and Mickey play Star Wars Unlimited

Star Wars Unlimited is fantastic for players of all types. The cards have great flavor, really cool art and some interesting mechanics to keep you on your toes. For fans of Star Wars, there are some truly hilarious cards– like “I Am Your Father” which deals 7 damage to an enemy unit, unless its controller yells “NO”.

"For anyone into Magic and for fans of the one and only Han Solo, star of the greatest Star Wars movie ever made, Solo : A Star Wars Story." - Morgan
Morgan and Alex hold Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader posters

We’ve been hosting some regular Star Wars Unlimited events and we’re all super excited to see where this game is heading! (Obviously to a galaxy far, far away...)

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