Spotlight July 2022 Staff Picks - 4 games on a table: Kids on Bikes, The Light in the Mist, Hive and Arkham Horror the Card Game

Spotlight July 2022 | Summer Staff Picks

What is our staff up to this summer? So glad you asked! Here's what we're playing/loving these days...

Lauren | The Light in the Mist

Lauren & The Light in the Mist

"The puzzles in The Light in the Mist are thought provoking and found within the beautiful artwork of the tarot deck. As you complete each puzzle, there is a compelling story that unfolds. Explore the world through the deck– you can take any path and navigate the game in any order! When you have completed the journey, you have a tarot deck that you have made a real connection with and is an artifact you will cherish for years to come."


Luis | Arkham Horror The Card Game


Luis & Arkham Horror the Card Game


"Arkham Horror has creepy Cthulhu vibes, deep strategic gameplay and campaign gameplay that makes me want to see what happens in the next part of the story. This game scratches a lot of itches that few games can hit. Plus, I really like the cooperative aspect of the game."

(Luis is teaching Arkham Horror Saturdays in July!)

Morgan | Kids on Bikes : The Snallygaster Situation


Morgan & Kids on Bikes : Snallygaster Situation


"I am really missing Stranger Things (Eddie Munson, you absolute legend), so any chance to play through that type of story while I wait for Season 5 is awesome. The Snallygaster Situation gives you all the feel of a Stranger Things style of adventure in a cooperative board game. Follow the clues, find your missing friend, all while avoiding monster attacks and the Feds*!"

*Kate Bush on repeat is optional, but recommended.


Daniel | Hive

Daniel & Hive

"Hive is high strategy and only takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master! Every single person I have shared this game with has fallen in love with it and winds up buying it to share with their friends. It's also the most portable game ever. You can play it in the park, on the beach or in a bar. And it can never be damaged– it's very durable!"

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