MTG Booster Pack Play : Murders at Karlov Manor (MKM)

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A string of alarming murders streaks across the plane of Ravnica, and you will step into the shoes of Ravnica's greatest detectives to track the clues and crack the case! Put your detective skills to the test and find out who committed the murders at Karlov Manor... before you become their next victim.

There is one overarching puzzle across this entire set and 12 individual puzzles that are self-contained and just as satisfying to crack!

Play Boosters

Get the Best of Draft and Set Boosters combined into one! Play Boosters are great for Limited play and fun to open, with a possibility of multiple Rares and at least 1 shining foil in every pack.

Booster Pack Contents

Each booster pack contains:

  • 1-4 Rare or Mythic Rare
  • 3-6 Uncommons
  • 6-9 Commons
  • 1 Token
  • 1 Land