Candela Obscura Core Rulebook

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Release Date: Nov 14, 2023

Candela Obscura is a collaborative investigative horror tabletop roleplaying game in a world simmering with occult magick. It is the very first game to use the Illuminated Worlds System– a newly designed system that uses 6-sided dice and lends itself to narrative, arc-driven play.

As an investigator of the paranormal secret society, Candela Obscura, you will be charged with protecting the world from deadly magickal phenomenas. This core rulebook is the “all you need to know” and more to explain and guide you through successful character building, gamemastering and gameplay.


  • The core rules to play and create your Candela Obscura investigators and their circles
  • Over 90 pages detailing the turn of the century-inspired setting of the Fairelands, and in detail the city of Newfaire and the ancient ruins beneath known as Oldfaire
  • 4 full example assignments for gamemasters to dive in with their players
  • Over 30 example assignments to explore far-flung corners of the Fairelands and the organizations and people operating within it
  • An extensive guide to preparing for and gamemastering Candela Obscura


System: Illuminated Worlds System
Mechanic: Lightkeeper & d6 dice
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Tone: Serious, Dark
Themes: Eldritch Horror, Investigation, Supernatural
Designer: Spenser Starke


Field Guide

Circle Sheet

Set of 5 Pre-generated Characters