Wizard Kittens

SKU: 16622

In this adorably magical, semi-cooperative, set-collecting card game, the wizard kittens have accidentally unleashed the contents of a book of curses! You and your fluffy friends must collect the escaped curses and put them back before the librarian catches you!

Perform the best magic while putting all the curses back in their tome and win. But if you don't manage to put the curses away before the librarian comes, the kitty with the cleanest paws will get away scot-free and win! Let the chaos begin!


  • 1 Caught Card
  • 4 Chaos Cat Cards
  • 4 Chaos Mode Cards
  • 15 Chapter Cards
  • 12 Curse Cards
  • 12 Extra Credit Cards
  • 6 New Rule Cards
  • 48 Ritual Component Cards
  • 4 Spell Tokens
  • 4 Character Cat Mats
  • Rulebook


Players: 2-4
Ages: 7+
Runtime: 15-30m