Heat Pedal to the Metal

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Based on simple and intuitive hand management, this game puts you in the driver's seat of intense car races in the 1960s. Selecting the right upgrades for your car will help you hug the curves and keep your engine cool enough to maintain top speeds.

Experience the thrill of a single race or use the Championship System to play a whole season in one game night, customizing your car before each race to claim the top spot of the podium. Add legendary automated drivers with the Legends Module so you can play solo, or add them as additional opponents in multiplayer games.

There's no prize for crossing the finish line in a pristine car so... put your pedal to the metal!!


  • 2 Double-Sided Boards (4 tracks)
  • 4 Track Cards
  • 6 Race Cars and matching Gear Pawns
  • 6 Player Mats
  • 72 Speed Cards
  • 48 Heat Cards
  • 37 Stress Cards
  • 114 Upgrade Cards
  • 35 Sponsorship Cards
  • 10 Legends Cards
  • 10 Event Cards
  • 1 Legends Mat
  • 1 Championship Mat
  • 6 Weather Tokens
  • 12 Road Condition Tokens
  • 2 Press Corner Standees
  • 1 Scorepad
  • 2 Rule Booklets


Players: 1-6
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 60m
Designer: Asger Harding Granerud, Daniel Skjold Pedersen