Arkham Horror Board Game (3rd ed)

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Unspeakable evil waits in the space between moments and just past the veil of our existence, and investigators must work together to unravel the mysteries of the Ancient Ones, risking their lives and sanity along the way.

Arkham Horror Third Edition has you taking on the roles of investigators in the bizarre town of Arkham, Massachusetts, trying to stop the approaching doom! 

Each game sees you and your friends exploring one of four different scenarios in the dark and deadly town. Each adventure brings your investigators to the edge of their sanity and beyond.

It's not simply a matter of closing gates to other worlds and hoping that the problem goes away. At the start of the game, the exact goals of your scenario are a mystery to investigators and players alike

Other features of Arkham Horror:

  • Investigators gather weapons, spells, clues, and other items
  • The number of monsters increase the longer the gates are open
  • Investigators can be customized through skills and abilities 
  • Ancient Ones with unique and destructive power


  • Rules Reference
  • 12 Map Tiles
  • 4 Scenario Sheets
  • 12 Investigator Sheets
  • 6 Reference Cards
  • 32 Headline Cards
  • 40 Archive Cards
  • 36 Anomaly Cards
  • 96 Event Cards
  • 72 Encounter Cards
  • 12 Ally Cards
  • 28 Cards
  • 10 Spell Cards
  • 26 Special Cards
  • 37 Starting Cards
  • 12 Condition Cards


Players: 1 - 6
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 2 - 3h
Designer: Richard Launius, Nikki Valens, Kevin Wilson