Arkham Horror LCG Expansion Investigator : The Forgotten Age

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In secret and forbidden ruins buried in the uncharted places of the world, there hide ancient relics humanity was never meant to find. But a brave few will sacrifice everything to set things right and protect the Earth from its own undoing.

This expansion features five investigators and contains all of the player cards originally featured in The Forgotten Age cycle.

  • Leo Anderson: Guide your party to safety as the expedition leader
  • Ursula Downs: Discover untouched wilds as the explorer
  • Finn Edwards: Make a quick escape as the bootlegger
  • Father Mateo: Call forth miracles as the priest
  • Calvin Wright: Seek strength in a dark pact as the haunted

This is not a standalone product. This expansion can be used to build or enhance investigator decks for any Arkham Horror LCG scenario or campaign.