Stet! Dreyer's English

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Have fun while improving your grammar with this witty and informative card game for language lovers–based on the New York Times bestseller Dreyer’s English!

Whats’ wrong with this sentence?

If that misplaced apostrophe flew right up your nose, this is the game for you!

Based on the New York Times bestseller, STET! will help you sharpen those language skills or give you a reason to show them off.

There are 100 entertaining sentences waiting for you, the copyeditor, to correct–or, alternatively, to STET. The first person to spot the error, or else call out “STET!” (a copyeditor’s term that means “let it stand”) if there is no error, gets the card.

There are two ways to play: compete for points in a straightforward grammar game, or play with style and syntax and whip the author’s sentences into splendid shape. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins!

It’s perfect for every level of writer, from high school students wanting to brush up before a test to co-workers looking for an engaging ice-breaker. With STET!, English has never been more stylish.


  • 50 Grammar Cards
  • 50 Style Cards
  • Rules


Players: 1 - 12
Runtime: 15m+