Goblin Quest

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In Goblin Quest, you play five goblins each (in sequence, not in parallel) and watch them meet hilarious ends while failing to achieve the most basic of tasks. Will they survive the dangerous world of the Great Battle Camp and avoid the attentions of brutal orcs, murderous bugbears, mean-spirited hobgoblins and scary wizards? Probably not. But you'll have fun finding out!

This book also contains rules hacks to let you play the game in different settings, including:

  • Kobold Quest: Create a machine that'll please the Mighty Dragon King.
  • My Name is Inigo Montoya Jr.: They killed your father – prepare to die!
  • Sean Bean Quest: Play five Sean Beans (in sequence, not in parallel) and attempt to survive all the way to the end of a film.
  • The Cthulhu Files: Uncover the secrets man was not meant to know, go irrevocably insane and then die. You know, for fun.
  • Neither Super, Nor Heroic: Play the caped crusaders that get left out of the comic books.
  • Space Interns: The Explore Corporation wishes you luck on your alien diplomatic mission and reminds you not to damage your red jumpsuit.
  • Regency Ladies: Fall in love! Made snide remarks at balls! Refuse proposals! Throw money around!


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM, d6 Dice & Action Tokens (GM-less rules included)
Number of Players: 2-6
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Silly, Light-Hearted
Themes: 'Just a Little Guy' Antics, Quests for Glory, Epic Deaths, Vengeance
Designer: Grant Howitt
Art: Jon Morris, Tim Wilkinson Lewis, Lauren Dawson