Space Goblins!

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In this game of Cosmic Goblin Mayhem, you are all Goblins– congratulations! You are also barreling through space in a ship made of junk and scrap– how lucky! Your goal: to make it to Junktopia – a utopia for Goblins in the middle of space – with your ship intact and as much junk as you can carry!

There is no one Referee or Game Master in Space Goblins! Instead, depending on the Phase of the game and the outcome of certain rolls, the Referee rotates. Using dice, tokens and LEGO (or any interlocking building blocks), travel through space, board ships and above all, protect that Junk!


System: Custom
Mechanic: Referee (Rotating), d6 & d8 Dice, Tokens, Interlocking Building Blocks
Number of Players: 2-5
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi
Tone: Silly
Themes: Mayhem, Antics, Shenanigans, Junk
Designer: Viditya Voleti
Art: Glo Wan