Mini - Reaper Bones Deluxe Box Set 77922 Dragon Turtle

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With its massive shell, strong claws, and deadly bite, this mighty creature strikes fear into the hearts of all who dare cross its path!

Sculpted by Jason Wiebe.

Model comes unpainted and unassembled; some assembly required.

Reaper Miniatures are hand sculpted, unpainted, miniature figurines sized for use in roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and can be used as custom game pieces for board games, wargaming, and other miniature dioramas.


This mini can be used as a dragon turtle.

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Bones Line

Scale: 25mm Heroic for multi-genre miniatures and hobby accessories
Material: Unpainted Polymer, Light-weight flexible PVC
Base: Integral (attached)

  • Up to 10% recycled durable polymer plastic
  • Ready to paint right out of the package


Ideal for beginners and experienced modelers, painters, and hobbyists alike, Bones Miniatures are made of polymer plastic that are ready-to-paint, and do not need to be primed.

Miniatures may come in multiple pieces, may need to be assembled, may require some minor straightening, and are unpainted.

Not for Children under the age of 13 Years.


Bones Miniatures: Frequently Asked Questions