Rainy City Guide : A Visitor's Guide to the Rainy City

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This system-agnostic RPG zine offers a complete setting and toolkit for GMs and players alike, including detailed descriptions, notable NPCs, evocative locations, and adventure hooks. Spice up your roleplaying with the weirdness, whimsy, and wickedness of the Rainy City - a doomed fantasy metropolis at the end of the world - where the wizards jealously guard their rotting magical tomes, the gargoyles are always watching, the thieves are on the prowl, and the rains never stop.

It's the end of the world. It always rains. Your fate is in the hands of wizards, alchemists and thieves. But it doesn't have to stay that way...

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System: System-agnostic
Mechanic: GM & Dice
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Serious
Themes: Revolution, Survival & Pirates
Designer: Rich Forest
Art: Andrew D. Devenney, Bill Spytma