Arkham Horror Expansion : Lurker At The Threshold

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Across Arkham, strange doors to other worlds have been opening. They seem to be a living part of an ancient and arcane creature that has been reaching out, tempting the unwary with malevolent power.

Now people are vanishing without a trace, and it’s up to a handful of bold investigators to confront the profane being who dwells just beyond these passages. But even working together, will they be able to destroy these unnatural and deadly gates without themselves striking a terrible bargain with the Lurker at the Threshold?

The Lurker at the Threshold  is an expansion for the Arkham Horror board game and requires a copy of Arkham Horror to play. Arkham Horror can be played in 2–4 hours.


  • 1 Herald Sheet
  • 18 New Gate Markers
  • 110 New Ancient One Cards
  • 56 new Investigator Cards


Players: 1–8
Ages: 12
Designer: Daniel Clark, Tim Uren