Bad Medicine

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Bad Medicine is a raucous party game of quick thinking and hilarious storytelling.

In Bad Medicine, you and your opponents are huge pharmaceutical companies. Your goal is to create names and advertisements for new drugs to cure the current Malady, while downplaying any side effects that you’ll never know about ahead of time.

Each round, you will seek to prescribe the perfect medicine for the current malady using the cards in your hand! Each card features part of a name, how the medicine helps, and possible side effects. From your hand, use cards to create a name, and then other cards to cure the illness.

But the cards won’t sell themselves! You’ll have to persuade the group how exactly a drug that gives you “fat” and “feathers” cures “skin turning into bark.” Then, other players will all put in a potentially horrific side effect. You’ll choose one to work with, and then persuade the group of why the side effect isn’t so bad after all.

From there, the group will judge which drug is most effective and that player will win!

What will you cure and cause?


  • 162 Drug Cards
  • 1 Surgeon General Card
  • 8 Corporate Logo Cards
  • 1 Malady Card
  • 8 Quick Reference Cards
  • 40 1-Point Discs
  • 10 10-Point Discs


Players: 3 - 8
Ages: 16+
Runtime: 30m
Designer: Gil Hova