Boss Monster Rise of the Minibosses
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Boss Monster Rise of the Minibosses

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The Bosses are back, but this time, there’s a new challenger in town. Powerful minibosses can be hired to enhance your dungeon by permanently modifying rooms. Earn coins through effective use of all-new rooms and spells. Use those coins to power up your rooms, or use them to promote your minibosses to learn even deadlier abilities.

Promotable miniboss cards permanently enhance rooms and give you, the boss, a new set of nefarious abilities. All new coins are earned from certain rooms and used to promote minibosses and activate dangerous effects in other rooms. Rise of the Minibosses also includes new bosses, new spells, and all new heroes, including a new group of challenging dark heroes and hybrid heroes.

Rise of the Minibosses gives players more options than ever before to craft the deadliest dungeon they can—and become the baddest boss in the land!


  • 165 Full-color cards
  • 1 Quick-start sheet
  • 24-Page rule book
  • 35 Coin tokens


Players: 2-4

Ages: 13+

Designer: Johnny O'Neal, Chris O'Neal

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