Buy the Vote!

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Buy the Vote! is a 15-minute bidding game where you and your friends pretend to be Presidential candidates in order to win states by cleverly spending their campaign dollars!

The game takes just 3 minutes to learn and is a game of evolving strategy, game theory, human psychology, and politics (all in one).

Buy the Vote is great for players of all ages and experience. The game is mostly competitive with an ounce of cooperation as you outwit other candidates to become your party's Presidential Nominee, but don't squash your competition too hard because you will need a strong running mate to win the White House by collectively scoring over 270 electoral votes. Unless you think you can do it single-handedly...  


  • 51 State Cards (23 Red, 16 Blue, 12 Swing, includes D.C.)
  • 5 Standing Voting Booths
  • 5 Player Mats
  • 168 Money Chits (63 Gold, 105 Green)
  • 9 State Round Labels


Players: 2 - 5
Runtime: 15m
Ages: 9+