Cabin Risotto Fever

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Manifestus Omnivorous

1. All books are adventures.
2. The adventures must be system-agnostic.
3. The adventures must take place on Earth.
4. The adventures can only have one location.
5. The adventures can only have one monster.
6. The adventures must include saprophagy or osteophagy.
7. The adventures must include a voracious eater.
8. The adventures must have less than 6,666 words.
9. The adventures can only be in two colours.
The lost rule:
10. The adventures cannot have good taste.

Cabin Risotto Fever

“The Bronzetti expedition set off from the small village of Nain, next to lake Tasisuak. For three days, they ventured up the river, canoeing through the rapids that make up the Fraser Canyon. By the fourth day of the expedition, the three men reached the scared grounds, as marked in the explorers’ annotations.

This was three weeks ago.

Since then, no one heard from or saw the scholars again.”

This RPG reads as a satire of academia and academic life wrapped around a B movies casing with a dash of Spaghetti Westerns and investigative horror. The LOCATION is a cabin in the woods set in Canada in the late 40s. The MONSTER is a Wendigo born out of HUNGER and despair. And, of course, OSTEOPHAGY is included in the form of a risotto made out of the bones of a young PhD student. Yummy.

Included are psychedelic mushrooms, old Winchester rifles, professors with illusions of grandeur, and a night of horror that is not to forget. Cabin Risotto Fever is, in short, Call of Cthulhu meets Quentin Tarantino.

Cabin Risotto Fever is a system-agnostic module for use with investigative and horror roleplaying games. Comes with 24 pages in softcover slightly-bigger than A5 size. Black and yellow are predominant.


System: Original
Mechanic: Storyteller
Number of Players: 3 - 6
Genre: Horror, Western
Tone: Dark, Surreal
Themes: Investigation, Horror, Survival