Carolina Death Crawl

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Carolina Death Crawl is a swampy, Southern Gothic roleplaying card game for three or more players.

At the height of the American Civil War, your characters have been abandoned deep behind Confederate lines.

Can they fight their way through enemy territory and treacherous terrain back to safety? Only one of you will survive, but the dark story you tell in trying will be memorable and thrilling.

Fun and competitive, Carolina Death Crawl gives you all the history you need—you supply the desperation, depravity, and destruction.

The game includes a full-color deck of 60 standard-sized cards that feature:

  • 12 Color Cards (four each of Background, Raid, and Escape) that provide evocative historical context throughout play
  • 12 Character Cards, 6 sets of given name and surname cards that are paired in different combinations to determine who your character is and what will drive him through the story
  • 36 Action Cards (12 each of Kill, Disgrace, and Destroy) provide inspirational prompts that shape your scenes and points that determine the outcomes for each chapter


System: Game Specific 
Mechanic: Cards & Host
Number of Players: 3 - 5
Genre: Historical
Tone: Light-Hearted/Silly or Serious 
Themes: Last Person Standing, 



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