Catan (5th ed) Expansion : Traders And Barbarians

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Traders and Barbarians, over the course of a campaign with five scenarios, tells the story of how things develop on Catan after the first settlements and cities are built.

While other expansion are beloved because of their intricacy, Traders & Barbarians is characterized by variation.

This is not a standalone game. A copy of the base game Catan is required to play.


  • 96 Wooden Game Pieces
  • 120 Cards
  • 17 Terrain Tiles, Fishing Ground Tiles, and Sea Frame Pieces
  • 40 Gold Coin Counters
  • 1 Special Victory Point Card Harbormaster
  • 4 Special Tiles 
  • 21 Trade Tokens 
  • 36 Commodity Tokens
  • 30 Fish Tokens
  • 1 Variants & Scenarios Booklet


Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Designer: Klaus Teuber