Catan Family Edition

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Get together with friends or family. Learn to play in about 15 minutes. Then enjoy countless hours of fast-paced fun!

Begin a quest to settle the island of Catan! Guide your brave settlers to victory by using clever trading and shrewd development. Use resources to build roads, settlements, cities and key cultural milestones. Get resources by rolling the dice or by trading with other players.

Are you the best trader, builder, or settler? Will you master Catan?

This version of Catan is not expandable and not compatible with the regular expansions of the Catan base game!


  • 60 Roads
  • 20 Settlements
  • 16 Cities
  • 6 Island Tiles
  • 2 Dice
  • 1 Robber
  • 4 Building Cost Cards
  • 25 Development Cards
  • 93 Resource Cards
  • 2 Victory Point Cards


Players: 3-4
Ages: 10+
Designer: Klaus Teuber