Cats of Catthulhu : Book II Cat Herder's Guide

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Welcome to the real world -- that is, the world in which human civilization was secretly made for the comfort of cats.

In Cats of Catthulhu, the players take the roles of a variety of ordinary-seeming cats fighting conspiracies of cosmic chaos. One or more participants play the part of heroic cats, and one person acts as the Cat Herder, arranging secret challenges and rewards and guiding the others through the process of making an adventure.

Rules are light and emphasize player cleverness and quick wits. There’s plenty of darkness and chaos, but the feline heroes are up to the challenge... usually.

Welcome to Cats of Catthulhu. Good hunting.

With this tome and a copy of the Nekonomikon (Book I), you're ready to play!


  • The secret history of the world
  • Gods, Cults & Rituals
  • Monstrous Foes
  • How to write your own Catventures
  • Rules of Claw: Secrets to fun and easy game mastering
  • PLUS a full-length Catventure!


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM (Cat Herder) & d6 Dice
Ages: All
Number of Players: 3-6
Genre: Horror, Supernatural
Tone: Silly, Dark Comedy
Themes: Eldritch Horror, Chaos
Designer: Joel Sparks
Art: Caroline Jamhour