Chronicles of Crime The Millenium Series : 2400

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Get ready to be transported to a futuristic world where androids are indistinguishable from humans and cybernetic implants have become part of everyday life. Explore the city of Paris like never before, from the slums and underbelly of a suffering population to advanced corporation structures and a gargantuan translucent Dome with its luxurious lifestyle held within. So many cases to solve, and the clock is ticking...

It is the year 2400 and you are Kalia Lavel. You once dreamed of fighting crime as a highly trained cyber-agent, but it quickly became obvious that the corp you worked for only cared about their bottom line. So you quit and left the privileges of the elite BelCor forces behind. Now, without your badge and stripped of your cyber-implants, you need to solve crimes all on your own.

Chronicles of Crime: 2400 is a cooperative game of crime investigation. Using Scan & Play technology to mix digital and board games, many crime investigation stories can be told with the same components. Interrogate the suspects, collect evidence, and solve some escape-room-style puzzles incorporated into each scenario.

This game requires an app to play, but once downloaded no Internet connection is needed to play. You currently need Android 5 or newer, or iOS 10.0 or newer to run the app.

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  • 40 Character Cards
  • 38 Evidence Category Cards
  • 15 Special Item Cards
  • 7 Double-Sided Location Boards
  • 1 Home Location Boards
  • 1 Implant Board
  • 4 Implant Cards
  • 1 Raven Card
  • 1 Evidence Board
  • 1 Rulebook


Players: 1 - 4
Ages: 12+
Runtime: 1 - 1.5
Designer: David Cicurel, Wojciech Grajkowski