Competition Kitchen

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Soup's on!

You play as a chef who gathers ingredients from different decks, chooses which ones to keep, and describes how you prepare, cook, and plate your dish!

Every round there’s a new judge that issues the challenge, unveils a secret ingredient, and chooses the winner. Whoever wins the most challenges is the champion of Competition Kitchen! 

Fans of Chopped, Iron Chef and other Food Network shows will love the chance to compete to make delicious dishes. No knives necessary. 


  • 45 Challenge Cards
  • 45 Secret Ingredient Cards
  • 18 Flavor Cards
  • 18 Protein Cards
  • 18 Vegetable Cards
  • Rules


Players: 3 - 8
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 20m - 1h
Designer: Joe Gennaro, Kevin Reader

How to Play