Constellation Volume 1

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Discover your new favorite roleplaying game with this anthology of zines from 12 independent creators. Packed with action, horror and intimate emotional experiences, this book includes new adventures settings and games for one, two or more players.

Inside you'll find:

  • Project: Day Breaker by Jacky Leung
  • this world is not yours by Travis D. Hill
  • Flame in the Abyss by Angela Lemus-Mogrovejo
  • vis-a-visage by Maxwell Lander
  • Forgetting Your Touch by Maria Mison
  • What REALLY Happened by Brian Hazzard
  • Hundred Red Scales by Zedeck Siew and Munkao
  • MORIAH by Kyle Tam
  • When You Meet Your Doppleganer on the Road, You Must Make Out With Them by Midsummer Meinberg
  • Chinese Ghost Stories We Tell Ourselves by Alyx Bui
  • Gourmet Street: Fantasy Food Adventuring by John Gregory
  • No One Dies Alone in a Revolution by AJ Ellis