Cosmic Run

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The year is 2123 and the planet earth is becoming uninhabitable. Competing teams of human explorers are discovering new worlds and befriending aliens to help them in their quest. Will your team be able to reach a planet in time to use its resources and protect it from future meteor strikes?

Cosmic Run is a quick, push-your-luck, space race for 1-4 players.

On a turn, a player rolls dice and must commit at least 1 of them to an action. Once a player commits a die, it cannot be moved. Players have to decide between a conservative approach (making sure and steady progress along less valuable tracks) or an aggressive approach (pushing one's luck to try to move up the highly valued tracks).

Players may opt to use their dice to befriend aliens, rather than explore, because the aliens provide special powers that can eventually help them move along their exploration tracks even faster.

The game may be played competitively or cooperatively.


  • 1 24-page Rulebook
  • 5 Planet Tracks
  • 4 Player Card Markers
  • 20 Space Ship Tokens
  • 6 Dice
  • 24 Crystal Tokens
  • 5 Meteor Tokens
  • 45 VP Tokens
  • 36 Cards


Players: 1-4
Ages: 8+
Designer: Steve Finn, Seamus Finn