Cypher System The Strange Module : Strange Revelations

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Strange Revelations makes prepping for an RPG no more difficult or time consuming than setting up a board game, while showcasing the wonder and weirdness of the many recursions lying in the Shoals of Earth. This is a must-have for beginning and veteran GMs of The Strange.

These aren’t adventure seeds—they’re complete adventures in an innovative format that requires minimal prep. Run them as one-shots or drop them into your ongoing campaign when you don’t have time to prep your own adventures. You can even run them together as a campaign for months of effortless play!

Strange Revelations includes:

  • Ten adventures on Earth and across numerous recursions
    • complete with maps, NPCs, and all the details you expect
  • An innovative format for adventures
    • 5 minutes of prep gets you started
  • An escape from a post-apocalyptic cannibal wasteland, a horror-themed board game that exerts bizarre powers over its players, a medieval wardrobe that opens into a hellish realm, and more.
  • Great advice on running adventures with little or no prep
  • Beautiful, full-color illustrations 
  • Six pregenerated characters that get you playing in minutes
  • A handy rules cheat sheet to make things run even more smoothly


System: Cypher System
Mechanic: GM & Dice 
Number of Players: 3 - 5
Genre: Sci Fi
Tone: Serious
Themes: Exploration, Danger, The Unknown