Dead Halt

by Zonware
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Dead Halt is a roleplaying game about a megalithic Hotel, clunky computer consoles, modded humans going haywire, and wonderful adventures.

  • Equip your new Maintenence crew at the random item dispenser Gashapon in the basement
  • Grab a job from the Bartender, and take the elevator up to endless wonky floors beyond your imagination.

Easy to run, as the GM can borrow modules from any other game and allow the elevator's doors to open into it. Tomb of Horrors is a bit wackier when the Crew has a Microwave Gun, Piston Knees, a Computer Console in their party, and are tasked with arresting Acererak for unlawful excavation.

Wonderful to jump into, as you build characters during the session. While sitting at the bar and talking to the bartender decide stats and immediately jump into an adventure. No session 0. All hilarious fun.

Welcome to the Hotel.