Deadly Dinner : Red Carpet in Ruins

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A party in the Hollywood Hills, 1959. Glitz, glamour and... murder!

In this murder mystery game, you (or a friend) will act as the host and invite your guests to a dinner party where everyone will take the role of a murder suspect. With roles like Lizzy Tailor (the rising starlet), Annie Bates (the star-struck intern), or Frank Farmer (the tough bodyguard with a dark demeanor)– one of you committed the murder, but each of you have secrets you'd like to keep to yourselves.

Pull up a chair, grab a drink and get ready to solve the murder or to get away with it– maybe by implicating someone else!). And, ACTION!


  • 8 Character Books
  • 8 Invitation Cards (for Guests)
  • 8 Place Cards
  • 8 Place Card Standees
  • 8 Notes in Envelopes
  • 9 Cardborad Character Standees
  • 1 Game Board (with floor plan)
  • 1 Rulebook


Players: 6-8
Ages: 16+
Runtime: 3-4h
Designer: Lukas Setzke, Martin Student & Verena Wiechens