Dice Bag (10x7) Bailey's Dice Bag of Hoarding Gray

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UPC: 810073841055

Do you have a never-ending obsession for dice? You need a place to put them, right?! Look no further!

Protect your collection in Bailey's Dice Bag of Hoarding, inspired by the dice bags made for Laura Bailey, Critical Role cast member and dice enthusiast, by Christina Ahrens (@marajade33082).

This version of Bailey's Dice Bag of Hoarding features gray canvas with patterned icons inspired by the Vox Machina and Mighty Nein campaigns and black suede.


  • Pattern art by Grace Berríos, @lassflores
  • Oversized gray patterned canvas and black PU suede dice bag, with eight pockets and custom printed nylon lining
  • Silver Critical Role logo pendant, silver eyelets and copper drawstring clasp
  • Canvas carrying strap
  • 10mm foam padding on the bottom to protect your precious dice

This is an official Critical Role product.