Dinosaur Princesses

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When trouble strikes the kingdom, how will you and your friends save the day? Through teamwork, that’s for sure!

Dinosaur Princesses is a story game about friends who are dinosaurs who are princesses solving problems together!

  • Decide what type of Dinosaur you are (a t-rex, ankylosaurs, or platypus perhaps!) and what type of Princess you are (maybe an aquanaut, zookeeper, or chef!)
  • Draw and colour your Dinosaur Princess
  • Gather your friends, build up a group dice pool, and overcome all the obstacles and problems that the Palaeontologist throws your way!

Dinosaur Princesses is a story game of collaboration and cooperation for 2-5 players of all ages. Designed to be enjoyed by kids, kids and adults, or just adults. The only prerequisite is an imagination! We all remember a time when we loved dinosaurs... embrace it!


System: Custom
Mechanic: Dice 
Number of Players: 3 - 5
Genre: Fantasy-Adventure
Tone: Silly, Light-Hearted
Themes: Friendship

2019 Silver ENnie award for Best Family Book
2019 ENnie nominee for Best Electronic Book
2019 ENnie nominee for Product of the Year