Dune Imperium

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In all the Known Universe, there is no more precious resource than the spice melange. Found only on the harsh desert planet of Arrakis (also known as Dune), control of the spice is a focal point of conflict among the Great Houses of the Imperium.

In its pursuit, those vying for power seek alliances and support to secure their position. The governing councilors of the Landsraad. The CHOAM Company and its insatiable hunger for profit. The far-sighted Bene Gesserit. The Spacing Guild with its monopoly on foldspace travel. The Fremen, resilient warriors of the desert. Even the Emperor himself is not above the struggle for dominance.

Conflict is inevitable, and its outcome is uncertain. One thing is certain, however: Whoever controls the spice controls the universe…

Dune Imperium blends deck-building and worker placement in a deeply thematic new strategy game where the fate of the Empire hangs on your decisions.

Will you seek political allies or rely upon military might? Economic strength or subtle intrigues?

A council seat... or a sharpened blade? The cards are dealt. The choice is yours. The Imperium awaits.


  • Game Board
  • Board Space Guide Sheet 
  • 15 Water Tokens
  • Solari Tokens
  • Spice Tokens
  • 18 Conflict Cards
  • 40 Intrigue Cards
  • Mentat
  • 4 Alliance Cards
  • 24 Reserve Cards
  • 67 Imperium Deck Cards
  • 8 Leaders
  • First Player Marker
  • 4 Baron Harkonnen Cards
  • 10 Player Starting Deck (x 4 Player Colors)
  • 16 Cubes (x 4 Player Colors)
  • 2 Discs (x 4 Player Colors)
  • 3 Control Markers (x 4 Player Colors)
  • 3 Agents (x 4 Player Colors)
  • Combat Marker (x 4 Player Colors)
  • 31 House Hagal Cards
  • House Hagal Rules Sheet


Players: 1 - 4
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 1 - 2h
Designer: Paul Dennen