Dungeon! (2014)

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Dungeon! is a fast-paced game where you and your friends can decide which way to go in the hunt for bigger and better treasure.

Will you stick to level 1 and clear out the Goblins and Kobolds? Or will you delve deep into level 6 and set your sights on the Purple Worm or the Red Dragon? 

Featuring simple, straightforward rules that are easy to learn, Dungeon! is perfect for a fantasy game night, or a warm-up before your next epic game of D&D! 

Your goal in the Dungeon! game is simple. Choose a Hero (Rogue, Cleric, Fighter, or Wizard). Run through the dungeon, fighting Monsters and collecting as many Treasures as you can. Be the first to get out alive with enough Treasure!


  • Rulebook
  • Gameboard
  • 8 Hero Standees:
    • 2 Human Fighters
    • 2 Elf Wizards
    • 2 Dwarf Clerics
    • 2 Halfling Rogues
  • 165 Cards:
    • 61 Monster Cards
    • 80 Treasure Cards
    • 24 Spell Cards
  • 2 6-Sided Dice


Players: 1 - 8
Ages: 8+
Runtime: 30m
Designer: Chris Dupuis Michael Gray Gary Gygax Larry Kessling David R. Megarry S. Schwab Steve Winter