Enoch's Wake

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Enoch's Wake is a stand-alone tabletop RPG about life in the comet city. Stroll from wealthy Promenade, where the merchants build homes to compete with the aristocrats of High Rock to the boisterous inns of Harbortown. Sign on with a ship's crew, and journey the Hundred Spheres. Consult the haughty scholars of The High Academy or masked tutors of the Secret Collegium for the secrets of the Wild Void. Get shady messages calling you to meet with corrupt senators in the shadowy Underrock near the Necropolis Gates, but don't venture into them: the Immortals and their servitors guard that alien ruin (and the treasures foolish people claim are within). Enoch's Wake, inspired by the classic weird science-fiction RPG, includes all the rules you need to make characters and play.

  • Create characters by exploring their lives and connections to the comet city

  • Simple 2d6 action-resolution system, with downtime and advancement rules

  • Magic system detailing eight different arcane powers and 30+ arcane powers in addition to a system for arcane rituals

  • Details on people and places in the comet city

  • PDF supplements include a free sample adventure for your home group’s GM

  • Details

    System: 2d6 Action-Resolution
    Mechanic: GM & Dice
    Genre: Weird Science Fiction
    Themes: Lucky Breaks, Hard Knocks, Corruption, Sabotage
    Designer: Richard Ruane