Exit : The Forbidden Castle

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Finally, a vacation! This year, you’re going to an idyllic village in the mountains. After finding a flyer about a castle, you decide to check it out.

But when you arrive, there’s no ticket booth and no one else appears to be around. You enter the castle and find yourself in a magnificent throne room. Suddenly the big, wooden door locks behind you and you realize that maybe (again) this was not such a good idea ...

The castle is full of mysteries. Only if you can solve all of the puzzles together in time will you escape. If not, your creepy host will probably never let you leave again...

This game can be played only one time because you must markup, fold, and tear the game materials to solve the riddles and escape.

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  • 88 Cards
  • 4 Strange Items
  • 1 Book
  • 1 Decoder Disk


Players: 1 - 4
Ages: 12+
Designer: Inka Brand, Markus Brand