Fake News Or Not?


Fake News or Not? is the captivating game about phony funny stories and ludicrous true tales!

Life writes the craziest stories but what can we believe, and what is just a pack of lies? Find out with the game for know-it-alls, wiseacres, and lovers of interesting and trivial knowledge!

Hundreds of weird-but-true news stories!

  • What did John F. Kennedy, Benito Mussolini and Napoleon Bonaparte have in common?
  • What unusual thing was caught in a fisherman's net in Australia in 2006?
  • What did Neil Armstrong find out when he returned from the moon?

One player (the News Anchor) reads a News Card to the other players. Each News Card contains the first part of a news story and 4 possible conclusions to the story. One conclusion is correct and the true (Real News) answer, but the others are made-up (Fake News) falsehoods.

The News Anchor reads the Real News answer and picks one Fake News answer to read. The other players then vote on which they believe to be the Real News. Each player who votes for the Real News answer receives 1 point.

The game ends after each player has had two turns as the News Anchor and the player with the most points wins!


  • 200 Double-Sided Cards
  • 16 Voting Cards
  • 8 Player Tokens
  • Gameboard
  • Instructions


Players: 2 - 8
Ages: 12+
Runtime: 30m
Designer: Reinhard Staupe