Fiasco 12 Playset Anthology Vol 3
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Fiasco 12 Playset Anthology Vol 3

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If the rules of Fiasco are the gun, a good playset is the bullet that makes it a stupid and dangerous object. You’ll find a baker’s dozen of dumb situations and criminal folly, all tied together with an exclusive playset written by Fiasco designer Jason Morningstar.

The playset is the still-beating-but-stolen-by-organleggers heart of Fiasco, and inside this first Anthology volume you’ll find thirteen sterling examples of the form—twelve that held a place of honor as a Playset of the Month, and an extra one written by Jason Morningstar specifically to accompany them here.

Bonus Playset: Jet City

Welcome to Jet City sets the action in the emerald northwest— Seattle, Washington, where the gang wars are small and relatively polite, and some of the gangs consist of organic gardeners.

This Playset Anthology is not a complete game! You need Fiasco to enjoy these playsets.


  • 13 Playsets


Players: 3-5
Designer: Jason Morningstar

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