Five Tribes

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The old sultan just died and control of Naqala is up for grabs!

The oracles foretold of strangers who would maneuver the Five Tribes to gain influence over the legendary city-state.

Will you fulfill the prophecy? Invoke the old Djinns, move the Tribes into position at the right time and the Sultanate may become yours!

In Five Tribes you will move across tiles, collect gold, and gain influence all in the hopes of becoming the sultan! Plan ahead and keep an eye on your opponents in this strategy game!


  • 5 Turn Order and Djinns Summary Sheets
  • A Pad of Scoring Sheets
  • 2 Player Sets of 8 Camels
  • 1 Player’s Turn Marker
  • 2 Player Sets of 11 Camels
  • 2 Player’s Turn Markers
  • 1 Bid Order Track
  • 1 Turn Order Track
  • 30 Tiles
  • 22 Djinn Cards
  • 96 Gold Coins
  • 54 Resource Cards
  • 90 Wooden Tribe Meeples
  • 1 Meeples Bag
  • 12 Palm Trees
  • 10 Palaces


Players: 2-4
Ages: 13+
Designer: Bruno Cathala