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You sit down and pick the "slay the dragon" quest, but decide to switch things up a little: Instead of a dragon, you're trying to slay a cat. Because you're mice.

In your first challenge, you and your friends try to raise a mouse army to face the cat head-on, but more and more of our would-be recruits are overcome with fear and sneak away. Now for your second challenge, you decide to lure the cat into a trap, but it's all going badly. You're scattered across the farmyard, unsure of what to do next, when you hear a foreboding yowl. The cat is loose.

It's time to see if you succeed or fail. We gather the stones, hold our breath, and get ready to draw…

Follow is a game where you sit down with your friends and play characters working together to achieve a common goal: your quest.

The quest you pick decides the kind of game you'll play. You could start a rebellion, cure a disease, slay a dragon (or a cat), or get your candidate elected. If it's something people can work together to accomplish, it could be a quest.

Will your characters stay united or will their differences tear them apart? Will they triumph or will their hopes go up in flames?


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM-less
Number of Players: 2 - 5
Genre: Various
Tone: Various
Theme: Quests